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2013 Mercedes E 200 Review

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Mercedes Benz E-class series has long been the auto produces bread and better lineup. An open successor of the rattly, yet long-lasting sedans diesel of the 70s and 80s, the 2013 Mercedes Benz E-class has seen significant evolution over the years, leading to the top refined cars of today.

Along with its convertible and couple siblings, the E-class sedan recently got a pair of fresh engine that are significantly more strong and fuel-friendly that the unit they changed. E 200 models got a 3 Liter V6 that uses open fuel booster and top solidity ratio to get 273lb-ft of torque and 300 horsepower.  E550 now use a double turbo 4.8 liter v9 that makes 401 horsepower and 445 lb-ft of torque.

Both machines hook up to a smooth shifting 7 speed mechanical transmission. The E 200 comes with rear wheel as quality with 4MATIC Mercedes all wheel-drive available as a choice; all E200 are fitted with feature of AWD. The quality E200 returns 20mpg in the city, while the AWD edition nets 19/29 mpg.

The E-class continues to provide the refinement and bearing that have been the hallmarks of center size decades Mercedes. While more bony than the last edition, the trend is still highlighted by a 4 headlight face end and historical sedan proportions.

The vehicle interior is suitably plush, with liberal amount of chrome trim and wood along with well-managed controls.

Quality and Optional Characteristic

Notable quality characteristics include real wood trim, power sunroof, 14-way energy adjustable, Command infotainment system, front seats, and 7 inch display screen.

There is no deficiency of optional characteristic available on the E-class for those looking an additional touch of luxury.

The premium 1 plan nets a navigation control, a Kardon/Harmon LOGIC7 sound surrounded audio control, an ipod/MP3 media interface, heated seats, a rear-view camera, a power rear sunshade, ZAGAT survey restaurant guide, SIRIUS satellite radio with true time traffic service, and Media Gracennote database.

The premium 1 plan includes all the premium 1 characteristics but adds bi-xenon, Highbeam, Headlamps, with positive curve illumination, LED daytime running lamps, Keyless Go, headlamps washing system. Other features include a panoramic sunroof, AMG wheels, and improved interior leathe.

Safety Features of Mercedes E 200

Mercedes Benz E 200 has long been known for its security characteristics, and the E-class will just add to that status. Further, to ESP and ABS stability control, the vehicle boats 9 supplemental restraints including a knee air bag, 2 stage air bags which job combine with curtain and side air bags to offer additional safety for face occupants in serious side impact crashes.

Also quality is an “Focus Assist” system that can alert the driver to the initial sings of drowsiness, a reason that causes more than 100,000 mishaps a year in the United States steering sensor is coupled to little program that uses 70 parameters to made a special driver profit during the initial 20 minutes of driving. Between 49 and 111 mph, the control indentifies the unreliable steering corrections drivers create as they start to get sleepy and triggers an audible warning and a “Rest of time” alert with a coffee cup icon in the tool cluster.

Optional security equipment includes the Lane keeping Assist control, which aware the driver by simulating a crash strip vibration in the steering control wheel if the vehicle drifts from its lane without the turn signs on. Part of the Tracking lane plan, it works at quick above 38  mph through a system that recognizes lane signs, welcome to the little camera in the windshield and a PC that analyzes the video pictures.

The lane tracking plan also has Blind spot Assist, which checks both blind spots behind and to the corner of the car. Whenever a turn sign is verified with a car in the blind area, the driver gets audible and visual warnings.

Mercedes Benz always launches something unique and in the case of improved Mercedes Benz-E classes series, headlines to go Hybrid diesel E 300 Hybrid Bluetec. The Mercedes E300 employs a 4500Nm/150kw 2.2 4 cylinder and automatic motor. Gathered cycle fuel consumption is rated at 100kms taking the E300 class Mercedes Benz hybrid under its big rival the BMW Hybrid5active.

Mercedes Style changing is amazing- offering the already elegant Mercedes Benz E 300 class a powerful look. There is a fresh design and headlights transfer to one 1 lens design attaching with the headlights, LED DRLs and fog-lights. Inside, Benz has ramped up the traditional and luxury Mercedes Benz-buyers will be shocked to see the acceptance of an analogue clock- hub-mounted above the audio control. For the E200 Mercedes Benz that means 135Kw/267Nm and fuel use of 5.90/100Kms. Excitingly the Mercedes-Benz E250 records the same use consumption but offers 350Nm.

Mercedes Benz E-class series Same for the series topping E500 from the double turbocharged 4.8 liter V8 but fuel use falls to 100Kms/8.91. The 3.5 liter V6 E350 CDI offers 185Kw/620Nm fuel use improves by 13% to 100kms. And Benz being Benz an armada of fresh technology including a 360 degree bird eye digital camera system, mechanical reserve parenting active lane-keeping assist, reverse parking, and detection pedestrian.

In a luxurious overhaul, the E-class Benz interior also gets fresh vents, a fresh analogue clock and a fresh multi-feature steering wheel. The gearshift transfers to a stalk on the column steering to free area for the hub console, while it also uses wheel steering mounted paddles for hand shifting.

The improved E-class will utilise a fresh generation of open injection 4 cylinder petrol machines to pull its CO2 emissions drop to as small 135kg/km and its fuel use fall to 5.9L/99Km.

Using the right “spray guiding” advance as Benz already uses in some 6 to 8 cylinder machines, the fresh engines are dubbed Benz Blue Direct. They characteristic variable worth timing on twin the exhaust and inlet camshafts, a stratified lean burn combustion control and multi injection spark. The 4 use a balancer dynamic, on oil demand and turbocharging and water pumps.

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